March 20, 2012

RUCHE top two

Hello Ruche. My how you have blossomed!

I had shopped from Ruche online a while back and loved it. When I was asking people to tell me about their favorite online shops, my friend Jessica told me that Ruche was one of her favorites! So, I added it to my Top Two To-Do List!

When I went to Ruche's Online Store front, I was seriously blown away at how much it has grown and changed since the last time I shopped. love. it.

In all honestly I don't know how in the world I am going to narrow this down to ONLY  two top picks....but as always, I will manage.

NUMBER ONE (of my many favorites)

This Working Girl Leather Bag is perfect to fix my purse dilemma. 

This, I need. When I say need, I really mean that. The purse I am carrying now is just too much. It's larger than I am and it contains way too many things inside of it.

It's ridiculous really. 

NUMBER TWOThis Vintage Barbie Boxy Tee I absolutely adore. 

I mean what's not to love about Barbie right? But, not only Barbie...Barbie in STRIPES! Perfect. I will be purchasing this as soon as they restock my size!

Now, it's your turn to stop by Ruche and tell me what your favorite picks are. Also, tell me more of your favorite online shops so they can be added to my Top Two list.

Oh & one last thing, my friend Jessica that I mentioned earlier, she is an incredible talented jewelry designer. I had the pleasure of being pretty great studio art pals with Jessica in our many long drawing and painting classes! Definitely stop by JH Artwear & Design! Like her page on Facebook, and shop away.

bysie for now


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