March 23, 2012

A hand-made pin

It's finally the weekend...and unfortunately, I have to work for a few hours today. Hopefully I won't be there too long. But before I hurry off to work I wanted to show you a pretty little thing that Donnie & I made yesterday.

We got a new button maker at work! When my boss came and told us we were getting one I was really really excited. My last semester in college I worked at a photography studio. We did a whole bunch of in-house photo products and buttons were one of those items. I was hoping that our new button maker at RH was going to be exactly like the one from my previous employer! It wasn't exactly like it, but it was pretty much the exact same process. 

I hand drew this design, then Donnie (aka: Lord Mayor of Sparkle City & and Now Ultimate Button Engineer) made the button for me! I LOVE how it turned out. It actually turned out better than I envisioned. I was worried that when the paper wrapped it would cut off unevenly. BUT it wrapped perfect!

Watch out Kate Spade! I'M AFTER YOU...

Donnie, we make a wonderful button making team. Lets make more!!! 

Well boohoooo Im off to get ready for work! HAPPY SATURDAY...the remainder of my day is open to anything, and dress making and designing is in my near future. Fabric will be purchased today. Pattern? No Freaking Way! I can't handle trying to follow the rules of sewing from a pattern. Can't. Deal.



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