March 18, 2012

A few iphone photos

YES! favorite favorite day of the week, which you know. ha I think I go on about this every single sunday. My apologies;)

I had a pretty GREAT weekend. It went like this...

Really enjoyed an Alabama Gymnastics meet against North Carolina with a few friends, Donnie, Chris and Mel B.

Good Golly, they were TERRIBLE. It was somewhat frustrating how bad North Carolina competed. The tide gymnasts did usual. They are a really great team and killed NC.

I worked out by doing a little body flow, I cleaned out all of my winter clothes, made a donation to the King's Ranch, tested my tumbling abilities to see if I still was capable of doing a few flips, I am incase you were curios. I read...A whole LOT!, I painted my nails. I tanned. I shopped Hobby Lobby for some new fabric, No LUCK! Made a trip to Target and had a nice relaxing evening catching up with my friend Shelbey while designing a few invitations. Oh and we browsed around Books-a-million for some new reads.

P.S. Have I told you how amazing AVON Mascara products are. Seriously, I used to have Microscopic Eyelashes. Somehow, after beginning to use Avons Mascaras, my eyelashes grew so much!!! I am loving the Extra Everlasting Mascara in Black!

Hope you have an amazing little Sunday! Enjoy it before we get slammed with another work week!

tootles for now loves


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