February 13, 2012

Tomorrow the OH so Special Day full of L.O.V.E.

Hi friendies.

If you aren't aware tomorrow is VALENTINES DAY.

I'm SO excited about tomorrow. It's the first day in years that I'm not stressed out and worried about buying anyone anything! The only men of mine that will be getting something special tomorrow is 

 My Daddy!

These are photos from a year ago. We went to a Valentine's Father and Daughter Banquet. It was one of my FAVORITE things I have ever EVERRRRR been too. I have been really upset that we didn't have it this year. I don't know why on earth they didn't have it this year, but I'm super disappointed. So memorable.


Tomorrow is my Paws Birthday! What a GREAT day to be born right?!?

 and for his Birthday he's taking us to the Mountains on Friday!

AND last but not least

My Granddaddy!

To my special Valentines, thank you so much for loving me for exactly who I am. And more importantly thank you so much for showing me and teaching me how real, Godly men should be. When God sends me my significant other, if he is only half of the man that you three have shown me my whole life, I will be beyond blessed. I am so thankful and Love you so much.

OH & tomorrow one of favorite people, DONNIE will have Sparkle City a special treat.

Yep! That's right. Red Velvet Heart Whoopie Pies. What a sweetie you are Donnie!!!

Tomorrow night I have a lovely little sushi date, so HOPEFULLY I will get to fit a post in, even if I have to post it BEFORE the date night. Maybe an outfit and makeup post!?!? 

See you tomorrow! Please have a LOVE filled day.

tootles, HUGS & KISSES,


(Whoopie pies featured above came from Feta and Arepa)

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