February 24, 2012

Painting & A Saturday Plan

Hey Loves.

I'm so incredibly glad its Saturday. I actually have to spend my Saturday at work, but thats completely okay. It's only for a few short hours.

Last night I spent the evening painting with a great group of people.

I helped them paint a whimsy owl. It was so much fun. I hope they had as much fun as I did. Sometimes throughout the class I was worried that I wasn't teaching up to what they had expected. Sometimes its EXTREMELY hard to put something into words that you really don't have to put much thought or effort into doing, such as painting. It's something that has always come so natural to me. It's freeing. I don't think when I paint, I just do and last night I realized that more so than ever. Everyones owl turned out so great and I am so proud of everyone for doing such a wonderful job!

I wish I had a group photo of everyones, but I didn't snag one single photo. Apologies.

My mom came and my Meme which meant SO much to me. My mom doesn't at all paint, draw or anything of that nature, so she really stepped out of her comfort zone and ended up doing a GREAT job....and I do believe she had a really fantastic time!

The plan for today is work for a while then I want to see what the rest of the family is doing to see if anything fun is going on. I wouldn't mind grabbing a movie. Some Japanese. and crafting. READING. RELAXING, more importantly; Sounds pretty great....any movies suggestions.

Pray my work day zooms by.

tootlie lou


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