February 9, 2012

Dear FAB

I miss you ladies more than anything. I need FAB time in my life ASAP because seriously I'm about to die with out my creative ladies to help with my inspiration. I need time to make things, paint things, plan things. I NEED. FAB. Now NOW NOW!

On to something VERY important.

My sweet sweet Dad had a little accident yesterday. The hood of a car slammed down on his hand and latched his finger in the hood:/ (sorry that sounds so graphic, but that's what happened) He went to the doctor this morning and turns out he shattered the bones in his finger and has to have surgery tomorrow morning to reconstruct and put pins in! Please pray for his surgery, that he is pain-free and has a very speedy recovery.

Thanks so much dear friends. I'm off to bed! I'm SO ready for tomorrow. I have a movie night with the ladies and Im SOOOOOO excited.

Night loves


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