November 23, 2011


Hey my Lovely Readers!

Its one of the BEST days of the year....THANKSGIVING.

I am so ready for lots of my Nanny's good southern cooking, Black Friday Sales Paper Prowling, LOADS of photo taking, RELAXING, Laughing,....and the list goes on & on.

This year I am SO thankful to have every family member still here. The ones that mean the most, and the ones that are true and real family all in one place, couldn't make me any happier. I'm pretty ecstatic to be seeing little Lydie bug, Marlee & Graham! Ahhhh I love sweet little babies!!! ECSTATIC!

Mom & I mixed up the Chicken & Dressing last night, so thats ready to be put in the oven! We all made a dish to help Nanny out so it isn't all put on her. Bless her heart, we are a GIGANTIC family to feed! haha:]

I am REALLY REALLY excited to be with my ladies, Raeghan, Reisa & Reilly! I miss these girls so much. Seeing them on Sunday for about an hour or so, isn't cutting it. I need a longer length of time with them. Since they have all grown up, they stay SO busy. I'm so so sooo proud of all of them. I can't get over them, really. Raeghan, about to graduated...Reisa, about to start driving by herself,....& Reilly I hardly even recognize because of how much she has grown up. She towers over me, which I know isnt saying much...but it is considering I am nearly ten years older than her:/ Anyway point being, I MISS THEM and I MISS BABYSITTING THEM haha!! So Im SO excited to spend the ENTIRE day with my babies.

Saturday my family is having Thanksgiving at my Dad's mom and dad's house! I am also REALLY excited about that because I get to spend the entire time with my cousins BLAKE & ALYSSA. Blake just moved to Georgia, so this is the first time he has been home since he moved!!! SO excited for him  to be back! Also, I LOVE helping my Grandmommy. I hear we are SO much alike and I think thats why I love to help her out so much! Our mannerisms are a lot alike, we are both VERY picky about certain things, we both LOVE to cook, and if my food turns out half as good as hers, then I'll be doing FANTASTIC, we both love to serve others, we both LOVE getting dressed up, we both are health conscious, etc.etc. etc....

So my thanksgiving plans sound so LOVELY and soooooo needed! I'm EXCITED to say the least.

Mom & Dad....You'll never know how thankful I am each day to have been raised in a home that is full of the love of God! I am so SO thankful for that. It's the thing I am most thankful for every single day. Thank you Thank you Thank you for being what parents should be, I know so many people who truly can't say that they have had amazing parents like I have been so blessed to have.



Not only is today A very Important day because of THANKSGIVING,

but, It is also a very very special lovely lady's Birthday!


Isn't she adorable? I know I know, ridiculously.

Her & her Hubby make the most adorable photos, & I absolutely LOVE them. you can keep up with all of teir fun adventure together at THE LAND OF SUNSHINE! I am so SO thankful that Whit & I have become close friends. We have been friends for over two years now, but I feel like our friendship has grown so much since both of us have moved in the past year. Whitney & Michael moved from Florence, Alabama to the beautiful beaches of Destin, Florida (jealous much?) and I moved from Florence to Birmingham! God made our friendship closer & stronger & I am SO thankful for that!!


I hope you have an AMAZING Birthday....and Friday you should get your AWESOME gift. can't wait!

Well Blog friends thats all for today....just know I am SO thankful for you.



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