September 10, 2011

F & B go to retail therapy

Hi there love.

I had a PERFECT day today. Seriously there isn't one single thing that I would change about today.

Last night after work, I hit I-65 full speed ahead toward Huntsville to spend the night with Frances at her mans house!!

Brent her BF actually works in New York, so his super nice house just sits there empty. So, what a great little vacay for us right! Thanks Brent for letting us stay in your home. We took real good care of it!

So I met Frances in Huntsville, and we had dinner at Cheddars! HOLY HEAVENS Cheddars was delicious. After dinner we went to target and grabbed a few necessities. Grandmaws hit the sack pretty early so we would get up in time today to do some MAJOR shopping.

I woke up at the crack of dawn, as usual. Hopped in my car and went straight to Starbucks! I went back to the house  and worked on some wedding invites and r.s.v.p cards until F woke up! She was very happy to find her Starbucks sitting on the kitchen counter:)

We both got dressed as QUICK as possible, and off we went to Shop shop and shop some more!

We went to Bridgestreet as well as Parkway Place Mall.

At Bridgestreet, we spent well over two hours in Sephora!

I kept on and on to Frances about how she needed to give Sephora a try...Long story short, She fell Head-Over-Heels in LOVE!

Here are a few photos of our Sephora experience!


and Frannie, I had THE BEST weekend with you. I am so SO blessed to have such a great friendship. God has HUGE HUGE HUGE plans for us and I can't wait to see where he leads us. If we seek him, and HIS will for our lives, our minds can't even fathom what will happen. I love you SO much!!

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our F & B retail Therapy day!

night loves


P.S  to my Prince Charming...I'm waiting on you oh so patiently...Just saying! This was a BONUS to my perfect day.

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