August 16, 2011

Top TWO & Cruise Day Four

This weeks TOP TWO TUESDAY is solely Fashion Picks

Not just from anywhere though.


Retro Polka Dots & Stripes

This look I die over. Black & White with a small dash of red! It's so, well...ME! Fun & Funky.


This  look is so precious.

On Sunday morning before getting ready for church, I watch I love Lucy for a good while, naturally this pretty pink polka dot dress is pretty much inspired and made my list all Thanks to Lucille Ball.

The styling of this entire lookbook is just GORGEOUS.

So so let me hear it... what are YOUR TT picks from LuLus ?

Do share.


CRUISE DAY photos of course!

Ready for the rundown?

Sunday morning, we got up and met for Breakfast! After breakfast, we went straight out for a little R&R and major tanning time. We tanned ALL day. I know my happy self didnt move from my chair all day. After laying out, we finally went in & got all dressed up for our last dinner on the Elation. It was SO FUN. The crew sang Happy Graduation to me, and brought me a cake! 

Had a BLAST at this dinner. Definitely my favorite dinner of the entire trip.

After Dinner, we went to the last show of the trip. I think we all fell asleep at least once during the show. oops. After the show, [and a cat nap] Most everyone went to bed, but Raeghan, Reisa, Reilly and I went to midnight snack. Got some coffee, hot chocolate, & ice cream. Then we went star watching on the front of the ship. We sat across the windows of the ship and the breeze was absolutely amazing. It was a GREAT way to spend the last night on the ship.

night dears


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