May 27, 2011

I was browsing around on the Vogue Italia site, 

and I was beyond stunned at this amazing bundle of swimwear. 

No no, I wouldnt have the guts (Actually,I think I just might if I had this in my grasp) to wear something this Flashy, but that doesn't mean it lacks beauty.

Im just completely in L.O.V.E with the whole entire styling in general!

Anyway here is somewhat a timeline of where this look comes from.

This style of swimwear, I seriously am in LOVE with, and would LOVE more than anything to have one, but what concerns me, is the dreadful tan line!

Any suggestions on how to work with this, I would love to hear. 

I am at the beach really trying to get my mind off things, and honestly I cant say its working so well. 

But none-the-less, here's the plan for today.

Beach. Sleep (while tanning). Tan. The Rocket Summer (while tanning). Talk. Make a New Goals List. Make a 23 before 24 list.Smile. Have Fun. TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES! Make New Beach Memories. Miss My Mom. Read. Tan. Shower. Grill. Eat. Talk. Fun.

Sounds like a fantastic game plan to me.

What does your saturday look like?



P.S. I have another one of my items from my 22 before 23 list to scratch off. woo hoo.

I will share with you about that later today.

1 comment:

Catherine said...

LOVE the vintage-inspired high waistline! I'm seeing lots of vintage-inspired one-pieces, but I hadn't seen two-pieces like that.