February 22, 2011

My Grandparents

It's Tuesday, 
which means that monday,
the day that most people just want to skip right over
is behind us.
At least for this week. 

I hope your Monday was fantastic. Mine was.

Today's TOP TWO TUESDAY goes out to a few people that absolutely 
One hundred Percent mean so much to me. 

a girl could ever be blessed with. 


These two have taught me mostly about LOVE.
Let me tell you a little bit about there beautiful Marriage. 
They were so young when they fell in Love. 
My nanny was 12 and my paw paw was 14.
so young, but completely in love.

They got married when my nanny was 15 and my pawpaw was 17.
They had one little car, and one little apartment.
My pawpaw made $50 dollars a week. 
My nanny had her first child (my uncle eddie) the summer after they got married, 
she had her second child (my mommy-o) 17 months later when she was just 17 years old.
When she was 23 she had her third. 
My feisty little Aunt Stacie:)

The reason I am telling you all of this, 
is that they have taught me the with True Love, you can seriously make it through anything.
My nanny and pawpaw have the most beautiful love for each other. 
Even after 47 years of marriage
It just shines so brightly.

I must say, my nanny spoils my paw paw a little bit haha.

They have also in the past couple of years taught me about unconditional love
and I think I will just leave that as that.

I am SO blessed to have them as a near PERFECT example of what LOVE is.
I cherish it everyday.


 is something that I personally think is somewhat passed down through our genes, 
as well as by example.
My Grand mommy and Grandaddy have taught me the importance of saving.
This really is something that I think is passed down through the genes.
Like my Grandparents, I am very VERY money conscious.
I'm actually a complete tight-wad, and I do NOT at all care to admit that.
My dad, also is this way.
and his dad, my grandaddy, is also this way.

They are so so conscious of where every single penny goes, which we all really need to be. 
But, I think that todays generations really have such a hard time, because of the fast pace that we live in, and the "I want this NOW", lifestyles that we live. 

I so so soooo badly wish sometimes that I was born in my Grandparents generation.
I actually envy it a little bit.
I was just simply born in the wrong generation. I really was. 

My Grand Mommy and Grandaddy aren't just conscious about saving money, 
they save everything which is SO awesome. They never waste, anything.
For example, 
If it's a holiday and my Grand mommy makes her OH SO DELICIOUS red Velvet cake, 
that is HUGE,
After the get together.
NO WAY, she doesn't throw it out, and they don't pick at it for a few days either.
They will Freeze it, 
and then on the next Holiday, they will bring the left-over cake to the get together!

A BONUS that I have learned from my Grand mommy is
the most amazing LOVE for siblings.
Her, along with her three sisters and Brother are SO close.
They are constantly getting together, and always bonding.
It's so great.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little brother so much.
I get so anxious to think about my brother and I getting older.
It's exciting. 
I think about me being in cute little loft, 
or maybe even in a older style home,
and my house being the fun hangout for my brother and his friends.
It's exciting for me!!!

Well, those are the TOP TWO things I have learned from my Grandparents.
I think I have learned some very pretty things about life from them. 

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Hope you have a beautiful Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Great family photos! How awesome that you can have a great view of love from your grandparents. That's awesome. I found you from the link up. Fun blog!

Kristin said...

Your grandparents are so darling!