February 23, 2011

A lovely little Chair

My Wednesday was super Great.
I worked.
Had a FUN lunch break with my new Fellow workers who are REALLY hilarious.
and I really like them.

Tomorrow I work.
any color suggestions?

Well Well, NOW it is Wednesday
and you all know what that means.
YES, one of my FAVORITE day's of the week

So a couple of weeks ago
I really REALLY needed a new desk chair.
I was using a foot stool and it was killing my back.
Of course I didn't want to just buy an ugly black desk chair.
I mean please don't be offended.
Each to their own.
But black rolling desk chairs, just aren't for me.

So off I went to the antique stores...
and I came back with 

this lovely....or not so lovely rolling chair.

I simply re-covered the seat cushion
and sometime in the very near future, I will paint it a blue-ish color.

Can't wait to paint it.

I just LOVE the new seat cushion.
So pretty.

Stop by the TRENDY TREEHOUSE for more creative ideas
I took a little peak earlier today, and there looked like there were some really great post.
So, I will be sure to stop back by again!!

Tootles for now


Miss Caitlin S. said...

you're amazing, I swear I could never do that

Anonymous said...

cute chair!

Kandi said...

i love it! i am re-doing my kitchen and i'm getting 4 mismatched chairs and re-doing them in different colors & funky fabrics. i can't wait :)

Melissa said...

I love it!
So cool to re-purpose this chair!

Danina said...

Great work !I loved it very much

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

Ohhhh - I love love love when I stumble across great chairs I can reupholster or refurbish somehow. Great find! That double backing thing it has got going in is awesome!