January 14, 2011

Handy Postcards

I designed some cute 
hand drawn postcards.

I am trying to get some new designs and handmades going
so I can get them in my etsy shop. 

What do you think about them?!?

I really want to get back into the illustration work
I have missed it SO much. 
It's something that truly does give me something to do 
that I love almost more than anything.

I'm off for the night 
It's been a long LONG day.



Kandi said...

i love them! so adorable! as are you! <3

Adrianne :)) said...

I loooooove them!
and your cute new header :))
You're precious.
I've gotta do the postcrossing thing now!
FAB fun soon! :))

Kendra said...

Love these.!
I would totally buy them.!

OceanDreams said...

i love them, but where is the link to your site? would love to check out your etsy, xoxo!