January 15, 2011

ETSY and It's a Party

Just a quick FYI for you lovely readers
I have just re-opened my Itsy Bitsy Etsy shop.

You can find another link at the very top just above this post.

Tonight we are having a
Girly Party

My mom and I are having some of our closest lady friends over for a MISS AMERICA PARTY.
The Miss America Pageant comes on tonight at eight.
and I am SO excited.

I have spent most of my day preparing for it.
Grocery store run, mom cleaned, then we made another little shopping trip...
Now we are taking a little rest before we start preparing all of the little finger foods.

I will definitely share some photos most likely tomorrow.
I am working tomorrow afternoon!
I am SO excited to be working again. 

Oh one last thing I have jut put some postcards in my shop. 
Check them out.

love LOVE


Kendra said...

Can't wait to watch tonight.!!

kandi said...

that sounds like a super fun party!! :)

OceanDreams said...

hope you had a fun party and i'm off to check out your etsy shoppe!