January 2, 2011

Family. I. Love.

The first day of 2011 did NOT disappoint.
It was a PERFECT day 
which I spent surrounded by the people who mean EVERYTHING
to me. 

Michael has been here the ENTIRE weekend
which has been the BEST.
Last new years, I don't exactly remember why, but we didn't get to spend the New Year together
but this year we did!
It was PERFECT, and I couldn't be more blessed to have someone so fantastic to share my life with. 
another PLUS was that this weekend he wasn't as sick as a poor little puppy like he was last weekend.
poor mikey, he stayed in bed the ENTIRE Christmas weekend.

[the AU and UA couch]

My Grandmommy, and her sisters cooked for everyone
Oh MY.
It was super delicious, as ALWAYS.

We looked at some old photos, we chatted, Lyssa and I decided we will go to the beach for a weekend
Let's GO Lyssa-Lou, like NOW.
[p.s. Lyssa, I have had a BLAST these past few days with you. like old times!! I will be visiting you TONS now]

We stopped by my new residential location
aka: My nanny and Pawpaw's haha
I showed Mr my new room, which I love.
I got to show my auntie my new hair....
My Aunt Stacey is a very VERY honest lady, which is what I love about her SO much
so I knew I could count on what she had to say about my new hair.
She LOVED it.

Great GREAT family day.
today is another family day.
have I told you how much I LOVE being back HOME!!

So, also, that little NY resolution...yeah the inspiration one.
My FIRST inspiration for January was from the Logo from my express shopping bag, while I was taking all of my new clothes out of the bag yesterday.
I have a little project in the works that I will share either Tonight, or In the morning.
Can't wait to share my first Inspirational project for the year.

Well, I must get ready for Church.



Annie said...

love all the pictures, you have the cutest family! and i just LOVE your hair!!! glad you and your boy got to spend NYE together :) happy new year to you!

artichoke said...

Cute photos! You're adorable and I love your hair :)

Anonymous said...

Aww what a beautiful family!

elledee said...

you look very pretty!