January 2, 2011


this year as one of my resolutions
I wanted to be inspired....EVERYDAY!
It's very important for me to be sure that I do stay completely inspired and motivated.
First of all, as an artist....No Inspiration means No Work being produced. not good.

Day 01 of this new year, I was going through all of my new clothes
and as I was wadding up the shopping bags to store them under my mom's kitchen cabinet, 
I saw the Express plastic bag that my clothes were in.
It's a simple design.
Simple, yet bold.
I love it....as well as their clothes:)
Rather than throwing it in with all of the other plastic bags collecting under the kitchen sink, I stuffed this one in my overnight bag, and brought it back with me to my little work area.

I was SO inspired by the bag because Express is such a simple word.
Yet, its So Enormous in meaning.
Without Self Expression I wouldn't be the person I am today.
I am who I am, and without being able to just EXPRESS myself the way I want
I would feel incomplete.
I do realize that sometimes people don't understand who I am, 
[my style, my art, my lifestyle]
but that's okay, because I AM ME.
It's self Expression and nothing more than that.

so. just as my little design says
just be you
and I promise you will have a happy little life.

Stay Inspired 


Anonymous said...

Love your express artwork! :)

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

HAve a magical new YEAR, Brianna! xxxx