January 31, 2011

A Day in Florence

I came to Florence
for a little visit with me second family.

I haven't seen them since graduation
which is super terrible.

but HERE is my planned Day 
in photos.

A little blogging, A little tweeting.

Ride with Mikey to take my dad's fishing rod to a shop and get it fixed for him
I'm so excited about spending the day with Michael.
I wasn't feeling well over the weekend, so I was kinda drab and boring while he was in birmingham.
but I'M BACK to the usual Brianna who is always ready to go and do something!
Lucky him. haha

A Lunch date. Maybe at Trowbridge's.
itn't it ADORABLE.

maybe a little Thrifting.

Coffee with FAB
ahh Im so so soooo excited.
I love my girls
oh me oh my. Seriously I can't even describe how I feel.

and ending the night
Skating was such an amazing past-time for me, 
and Im so glad to be doing it again.

Such a great great day.
I just wish the sun was shining a little bit more.
this is Last Day before its back to the 
Illustrations, and Murals.
But I LOVE LOVE LOVE how I've been given all of these great opportunities to do....well, What I do.

I'm still working on the Illustrations for Catie's Mittens, written by my friend Emma.
The book is ADORABLE.

On Wednesday, I will be showing drawings for FOUR rather large Wall Murals
for Christway.

And Also planning and drawing for the Church 29:11 Stage.

I LOVE WHAT I DO and I am so THANKFUL that God gifted me with my abilities
I will use them for him. ALWAYS.
Busy week Busy week.

Hope your week goes WONDERFUL.

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ANYONE need illustrations, paintings, murals,...anything.
you know how to contact me.

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Kristin said...

Sounds like a lovely day to me. Nothing beats coffee with your gal pals!