December 2, 2010

TGIF...I have missed you.

This is the FIRST Thursday even 
in SO long, 
that I have actually been able to sit, 
and enjoy writing my FUN TGIF post.

I have missed it SO much
If you have forgotten what TGIF here at Itsy Bitsy is,
It is my THURSDAY post for 
It's for me to share with YOU, my lovely blog friendies
what is completely INSPIRING me for the week.

This weeks TGIF absolutely must go out to 
none other than 

These are ADORABLE cupcakes:)

I have a little story for you
as to my reasoning for all of the Raccoon Love.
Last week, 
I had an accident.
I was traveling south for Thanksgiving, 
and as I topped a hill going about 65mph
A cute Little [GIGANTIC] Raccoon was crossing the road.
There was NOTHING I could do to miss it.
I didn't have time to think, dodge it, or even tense up.
That poor little Raccoon.
BUT I sure didn't get off foot loose and Fancy free.
That little [GIGANTIC] thing did....
Wait, wait....Ready for this??
 $3,300 DOLLARS worth of DAMAGE to my cute little car!

So, this entire week, 
I have been driving my mom's car.
which is a GORGEOUS Subaru Impreza, 
but, I miss my little Box TERRIBLY BAD and can't wait to get it back!

SO, sorry little Raccoon, but I had to suffer a little too.
Gee I hope the Raccoon I hit was NO WHERE near as cute as this little heart melter.

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So tell me, 
What is SUPER INSPIRING to you this week??


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Jerri said...

Cute stuff! I especially love the desktop calendar and the glass figurines!