December 4, 2010


Hey hey there
It feels amazing to have NOTHING to do on this awesome Saturday morning
Maybe work on some sculpture later
Hang out with Michael, possibly sometime today. HOPEFULLY
It's CRUNCH time this week 
for both of us trying to get our stuff finished up for the semester
and we are BOTH stressed to the MAX
Him a little more so than me, but procrastination will always bite you in the bootay
That's why you DO NOT do it, lucky for me....I am NOT a procrastinator 
when it comes to my education at least

So, the WHOLE month of DECEMBER
I have decided to do something that I am totally in LOVE with
Has decided to share with her readers and encouraged me to join in

It's a way to journal and reflect on everything that has happened in your life this past year
It's going to be so fun

I am starting 4 days late
So I'm going to catchup with Days one through four all in this one post
this will be a long one ;)

was the BEST DECEMBER I have ever had
In August of that year, I moved away from home.
I was eighteen years old
I had a passion and love for art, and I was determined it was what I wanted to do forever
which I will graduate from in TWELVE DAYS.
That year, also in August, I met Michael
He immediately became my Best Friend
We spent everyday together, and when we weren't together
we were either texting each other, or myspace messaging.
Where did that go?!? haha
I made MOST of my favorite memories in that year
the ones that I made with him are my ALL TIME FAVORITE.
I made GREAT friends with classmates that year, and still five years later they are some of my FAVORITE people.
Michael got to experience what Christmas Decor FANATICS are.
[my lovely mom]
Our house is GORGEOUS during the holiday's.

It amazes me how much we have grown in five years,
 and honestly it seems like five days ago sine I met him

All I wanted that year was to finish my first semester of College with great grades, 
but I came out with SO much more than that.
I came out with a stronger love for SO many things.
My Art.
and the one that really gets me
It was my first year not having my family just right down the hall, 
or right down the street. 
I didn't have immediate and instantaneous access to my mom.
I could whine or complain to anyone.
I had to step it up and do it myself.
That year, moving away from home was the best thing I could have ever done for myself, as far as maturing and growing up.
Don't get me wrong, I still think I have SO much more growing up to do and so much to learn
but I'm getting there.

This year I want Michael and I to start having a fun little craft or cooking night together, where we make a tiny trinket or treat for each close family member.
I think I can talk him into it. ::winkwink::

This morning, 
I didn't have anything to organize, pertaining to a room, closet, or drawers.
My closet and drawers [at Michael's parents] is always nice and tidy.
So, I decided my Desktop could use a little cleaning up.
No, I don't mean like the kind of desk you sit behind, or write on.
I mean My Mac's Desktop.
I had files scattered All about.
Now I have them all organized and neat. 
ready to be sorted through and dwindled down to the unnecessary files.
This was a FUN little task too:)

Here is an ADORABLE photo I found while de-cluttering that totally melted my heart.
P.S. These are my DREAM.
I have such a huge heart for them.

Dear Brianna, 
I am so proud of you. You have stuck to your Guns with your education, and have loved every millisecond of it. You have persevered and pushed through so much in the last five years, and are finally coming out on top. 
You have the most support of anyone I know. You have an amazing family, that supports anything and everything that you do. They are so proud of you, and they should be. You have such a love and passion for life, I just wish it was shown more brightly for everyone else to see. You are working on that, and I am sure you will get better at doing so.
God has given you so many talents, and you are blessed beyond measure. 
You have a huge vision for your future, and although it seems way too big for your small self to conquer, you know deep down in your heart and soul that you will.
You know that God has given you this passion and vision for your future, and you will not let anything stand in your way of it. 
You are a hard working, and are way too much of a perfectionist. Cut yourself a little slack every once in a while, not everything has to be to a "T".
You are too quiet sometimes, but that's okay.
You have so many people behind you, and with them, and God most importantly, you're UNSTOPPABLE!
Brace yourself for this fun and bright future!'

Love Always and Believe in yourself.

P.s. Just a reminder....
How exciting!


Well said.

Well I'm thinking I am caught up on my Radvent journal.
This is LOADS of Fun!

FUN day ahead. not sure what is completely in store. but I'm excited about it.
WAR EAGLE by the way.
My family is in Atlanta for the game.
BUT, I have way too much sculpture to work on, so I had to opt out ::sadface::



Kandi said...

BRIANNA! i LOVE this and of course i LOVE you! i want to do it! :) OH BTW I MISS YOU!! I hope you are having a WONDERFUL last few days of college.. i am so PROUD of you! one day.. i'll decide what i LOVE most and get a degree in it. :D Are you decorating the top of your cap!?

Sunset97 said...

hey, brianna!

thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!! i love comments... War Eagle!! i'm supposing you watched the game on tv... ?? my brother tvoed it and isnt going to watch it till late tonight and didnt want me to call over to the house and say the he is going to two basketballs games with his daughter and he thinks he is not gonna hear the outcome before he gets a chance to watch the game he
sorry, you didn't get to go, but i understand...

have a good evening...!!


Kelly Leigh said...

eeek a radvent journal! What a totally fabulous idea! It looks like life is treating you good right now. Hope that continues for a long long time!

Anonymous said...

really an eye opener for me.

- Robson