December 14, 2010

Radvent 13 & 14

So tell me friend
are you looking forward to the Holiday 
as much as I am?

I am so ANXIOUS for it

Last Christmas, MikeMike got me an AWESOME Christmas gift.
He got me my first guitar. 
I LOVED [still love] it.
I had it set in my mind that A year from then, I would be able to play pretty good.
I started off playing every day, for AT LEAST 30 minutes
I was faithful 
Then a SUPER stressful school schedule and work load hit like a ton of bricks 
and sent that shattering.
I have missed it.
also, I'm not really comfortable practicing in Michael's parents home.
They wouldn't care if I did, I just don't want to disturb anyone, 
so I choose not to.
Anyway, my point is, I haven't really quit playing, 
I do practice every chance I get when no one is there. 
BUT, I have all intentions on picking it back up, as soon as I get moved back into the comfort of my own home:) which will be NEXT WEEK! eeek:) 

There are SO many small routes that I could change everyday, 
and this is such an encouragement to do so, and just see what MIGHT happen.
That's SUPER exciting.

Reading is something I LOVE to do
I plan on making more time to do so, if that means putting off a little sleep, and staying up a little later to do so, or waking up earlier.

I am obsessed with books in general. 
I just recently stumbled across two books that make my heart flutter.

I started reading Barbie and Ruth a few weeks ago
and was LOVING it.
Then, all of the University Library Books were due back before the end of the semester, 
so, I didn't quite get to finish it. 

If anyone wants to gift them to me
Please, feel free.

Hope your Tuesday is going by smoothly
Mine is.
I have a Final in about an Hour



Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am hoping now that school is over that I will also be able to do a few things that I love!

Ashley said...

I'm so obsessed with Barbie! I NEED to read that Barbie and Ruth book! Thanks for sharing!