August 1, 2010

slightly behind

Please forgive me friendies for being so behind.
It has been so SO hectic these past two days.

Wooo-Weeee Yard Sales are LOADS of work.
but, it was well worth the work.
I sold a lot of my stuff, and made a pleasing amount of much needed money.

I still have clothes left, but I had a lady get my number so she can bring her granddaughter back to buy more of my clothes.
It's REALLY hard to find people that are short, as well as small.

I was super duper happy with the turn out, and it was tons of fun!
I LOVE being with my mom, and she was such A HUGE help. I seriously couldn't have done it without her.


Some SERIOUS information!
I have been wanting to do this for a really long time, and I'm overly excited to announce that I have finally decided to do it.
My mom and I are walking in the St. Jude Children Research Hospital Give Thanks Walk!

On saturday, November 20th St. Jude supporters in more than 60 communities nation wide will join together in participating in the give thanks. walk., an exciting family-friendly 5K walk to raise money for the St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.  

Along with the Jewels for St. Jude team, I am raising money for this wonderful cause, and I really need your help.  
I have set the goal marker at $200.00 which isn't a lot at all. 
In all actuality I want to SKY-ROCKET past this $200 mark. So YES I am BEGGING for your help and support, and donations the donations DO NOT have to be a lot. every little bit helps! 
Dollars and loose change add up VERY quickly.
MY GIVE THANKS PAGE is where you can make your wonderful donations!
So any donations that you can make will help in a TREMENDOUS way.
THANKS THANKS THANKS in advance, and please if you could please link my page on your blog. I will appreciate it GREATLY!
Thanks again!
P.s. I will be back later with a FUN FUN FUN post!


Kristin said...

Good for ya'll! What a wonderful cause! And congrats on your win in our giveaway week!

Maddy said...

What a wonderful cause!! I just walked for the NYC AIDS Walk in May and it was an amazing experience!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

How wonderful was this! Very cool :) Great blog by the way!