July 29, 2010


Hey lovelies
I'm here for my T.g.i.f Post
Which is a weekly post that I have right here on Itsy Bitsy!
[Thursday's Gorgeous inspirational Frenzy]

Tgif is what has really been catching my eye for the week.
It's what has been inspiring me.
It can be anything, or more than one thing.
You should join the fun!
It helps me to keep my eyes open, and on the look out for all things pretty

This week, I've really been keeping an eye on how people accessorize things.
I don't accessorize as much as I probably should, but I do however love to do it!

My mom is an Accessory queen!
She has Jewelry GALORE!
She DOES NOT leave the house without at least earrings in.
She's so Funny.

So, I wanted to show you a couple of accessories I think are PERFECT!

[all from Anthro]

They are all so sooo Pretty
and very girly, 
which I L.O.V.E

I hope your week is going fantastic. 
Tomorrow I am having a Yard sale!

This project it SO great, and motivational!
Wish me luck, 
I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!



Leah B. said...

I love all the accessories! I especially love the bags...I'm slightly obsessed with purses right now :)

Diane said...

Happy Friday! Following you....


Lynzy said...

Ok you have officially won me over with these handbags! I am heading over to purchase the brown one now.

PS. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments over on the BonBon Rose Girls blog. You are too sweet. Now following you!

xo Lynzy

My Owl Barn said...

These are all so pretty! It's hard to pick a favorite.
All the best with the yard sale!