July 18, 2010

Trippin again

I am on VACATION again!

My MikeMike is with me this time, which makes me an extra happy girl.
Yesterday we went to this neat little place called the Shed.
and it is EXACTLY what it says, A SHED
that has Barbecue.

The way the place functions is rather interesting.
Very different from every other restaurant.
You don't put your last name down, with the number of guest. You don't even get a little buzzer to let you know they are ready to seat you. 
You stand in line, and they give you a menu to skim over while you wait.
When you get to the window, everyone with your party orders their food. 
You pay then and there.
They take your first and last name, and then you go find a seat, wherever you want.
When your food is ready, the waitresses [or maybe they should just be called food-runners], to the top of their lungs yell your first name, which looked like a HUGE task due to the loud live music. 

So when the food-runner finally finds who the food belongs to, they then ask you to tell them your last name, so they can be sure you actually paid for your food, and they are giving it to the correct person! 
It was interesting to say the least.

This morning we drove to Panama City
and will be here the entire week.
I've checked the weather, and it's looking lovely.

Especially MIKEMIKE!

Be back tomorrow.


Bree said...

I love random, quirky places like that! Hope the food was good!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy & Wife said...

Lucky you to be on vacation again! The Shed sounds...interesting! Hope the food was good :)

Tanja said...

On vacation again? Lucky you! :D

Liz said...

Looks like a great place to eat! You and your boyfriend make such a cute couple. Enjoy your vacation...can't wait to see pictures! XO ~Liz

Overthinking Mama said...


Gave you an award over on my blog!!

Check it out!

God Bless

Mrs. Tasha said...

Come join the blog hop!!