July 19, 2010


So here is DAY ONE
of our family beach trip

My Daddy-o.
This is my daddy's trip. He works so hard to give our family everything we need 
and more!
So, this is his chance to sit back, relax, and do whatever makes his little heart content.

My little brother, Brady, LOVES the ocean. 
He is really good at Skim boarding
and can definitely catch some waves.
Isn't he such a cutie. 

My mommy-o is a Sun-goddess.
She LOVES laying out
She tans so so SOOO good.
She could seriously lay out there from Sun-up to Sun-down

I am so glad that MikeMike is here this time.
I missed him last trip.
Him and my dad are constantly fishing, so I don't see him too much
but I still like knowing that he is here.

Like I said, the guys fished most of the day
while I tried to keep up with the sun-goddess on my tan.
I think I did pretty well.
Also, my good Friend-Future-Sister-In-Law, LEAH 
loaned me a fantastic book to read.
 super relaxing, Sunny, Breezy, which all makes for fantastic READING!
it was perfect.

Be looking for fun photos all week long.
So keep coming back for more Friendies!

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

That beach looks amazing, and love the suit!

Kristi said...

Beautiful pictures! Where are you vacationing?

Laurie said...

Looks like you have a wonderful family and y'all are having a great time! Enjoy :) Laurie from Scene of the Grime

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy & Wife said...

I am so jealous!! I would LOVE to be laying on a beach right about now :)

I just quickly checked out Leah's blog and will definitely be back! I'm training for a 1/2 marathon in December that I really should have run before having kids...oh well, I WILL do it!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

So fun!! What a pretty family you ahve. Cute that your boy and your Dad are fishing all day. And I gotta say that pic of you is the prettiest on yet

Kristin said...

Looks like a perfect day at the beach! Now I wanna go have one!

Leah B. said...

Glad you are having fun and enjoying the book :) I love you and can't wait to hear all about this trip. You and I have a coffee date when I see you in Florence!