July 5, 2010


There has been a little talk about me possibly having a yard sale this weekend.
I have so much stuff I need to get rid of.
Not junk, but things that are rather useful that I just don't have room for anymore.
I've never had my own yard sale before.
so, this is where YOU come in.
I need some serious help, and would LOVE to hear your tips if you have any!

Hope your monday was lovely


Sweet November said...

I love the changes to your blog! Looks amazing!

As for the yard sale, we're having one next week as well.
Honestly, if you want it gone, price it cheap. Not cheap enough to just give away, but say DVDs $2, CDs $1, etc. I guess it all depends on what you're selling.
When we had ours last year, we priced things at what we would have liked to have gotten for them. If they didn't sell by the last day of the sale we went around and re-priced everything cheaper.
I think you also have to consider that if you don't sell it, then you're going to probably just take it right back into your place.
Another tip might be, if you're selling clothes, take them to a consignment shop first. You're more likely to get a better price selling it there then at your sale. Just from experience we don't sell very many clothes or shoes.
Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Well, one thing I can offer is to price it all with stickers BEFORE you open up for sales. I had some job on my first garage sale trying to remember how much I'd quoted for a piece when the same people were still in earshot. Talk about embarassing. Price respectfully low, like the other person said... it can be hard to price low. I had to remember it wasn't worth as much to someone else as it was to me. =) Good luck! Post some pictures for us.