July 6, 2010


As you all noticed last week,
I had a SUPER week in Florida.
It was PERFECT and I wouldn't change any of it.

HOWEVER, I did miss the love of my life TERRIBLY bad!
and I was SUPER excited to come home and him be here....I would say waiting on ME, but I don't know if that would be the complete truth. Him and my dad have a really great friendship, so I think he was partly here for my dad, some late night halo playing, and a few fishing trips.

we spent the 4th just hanging out with my family.
We went out for a nice lunch together, and went to the movies to take my Dad, and MikeMike to see Grown Ups!
They LOVED it too:)

I was SO beyond sad to see Michael leave me again. The two hour distance between us sometimes is REALLY frustrating, but we always seem to make it work.

On Monday, we went over to my Nanny and Paws to celebrate the fourth.
Better late than never!
It was bunches of fun.
We grilled, and the kiddies swam their little hearts out.


Good FUN family loaded weekend
I love them

I'll be back later for TOP TWO TUESDAY!
YAY..I love TTT.



Nicole Marie said...

you all have fabulous hair!

Hope Chella said...

That's wonderful you had a great time! I hear you on being separated from the one you love though. My baby is going away for a week soon and since I have to work, have to stay here...and it's going to be tough, despite being one week!!!!