July 4, 2010

DAY SIX and the Travel back

Oh my goodness
It takes SO long at home to upload these photos.
So you must must know that I REALLY LOVE sharing all of this with you!!
because I know you enjoy it, just as much as I do!
so THANK YOU to everyone who is a regular reader. It really means alot.

Friday was FINALLY a sunny, hot, and GORGEOUS day in Florida.
I prayed so hard for it!!

My little cousin Reilly is our "hott mamma"
When she was a little girl, she would prance around singing, and switching her little hips saying,
"Hott Mamma,
Hott Mamma,
Hott Mamma,"
Over and over again, it was SO adorable,

and as you can see she is still adorable, and incredibly GORGEOUS!

We all spent the entire day soaking up the sun that we had been so badly wanting to see all week,
and man oh man did it give it to us.
We got slightly sunburnt, which is really unusual because we are dark complected people and dont usually get burnt.
Oh well it was tanned the next day!

My little brother had a him a clan of girls around him.
we thought it was HILLARIOUS and had to snag a few photos of it.

My toesies and fingernails have been rainbow all week!
I've loved them SO much, its so happy.

It was a FANTASTIC day to end the trip on.
I had such a fun time with my girlies [and boobster]
they are so funny and great to be around.
I miss them SO much when I'm away during the school year.

This trip, despite ALL of the rain and bad hurrican weather, It definitely climbed up to the tippy top of my FAVORITE beach trips!
It was such a blast and one that I will never ever forget.
My Nanny, and PawPaw are the most amazing grandparents anyone could ever be blessed with!
I thank God for them every single day...more than once!

HAPPY 4th of JULY everyone!
got any fun plans??



Sweet November said...

I'm glad you had such a great trip! Sounds like it was a blast!
I sent your headband on Friday so hopefully you'll have it this week! Please let me know when you've received it so I know you got it. Also, if there's damage to it, send me a picture and I'll make you a new one.

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy & Wife said...

Looks like an awesome end to an awesome vacay!

You got some great family pics - ones to be treasured for years to come :)

Happy Fourth!

Susan said...

Cute blog and nice pictures!

The Original Swedish Blonde! said...

I loooove your rainbow polished toenails. I have to do that too. :) GIves me such a positive feeling! "lol"

Your blog is really nice. :)