July 2, 2010


Yes, You guessed it
Thursday was once again another rainy day in Florida.
We really REALLY just couldn't entertain ourselves with the internet, or the television any longer.
We HAD to go somewhere
and OH BOY, did we!!

[reisa drinks out of the bottle!]

We all ate breakfast, got dressed, took a few photos [in the room haha]
and off we headed just "down the road" to a neat little place called Ocean Springs in Mississippi!

It was such a neat little place!
We passed through Pensicola Florida, and Daphne Alabama....[I LOVE daphne]
anyway, so Ocean Springs reminded me alot of Daphne!

My Pawpaw drove by this CUTE little place for us to see.
We didn't eat here but, it was SO neat-o!
they also had a telephone booth outside of it. I haven't seen a Telephone booth in SO many years.

Then we went through Biloxi to see all of the Casinos.
There were lots of them, I can't even imagine what Las Vegas looks like!
Because of all of the rain, the short little  2 hour trip that we thought we were taking, turned into nearly a four hour trip.

So after we saw all of that, and all of the neat little things Mississippi has, we then headed back toward Panama City!
I know I know it sounds kind of Crazy, but really what else would we have done all day.
We would have wasted a day doing nothing, and lookie how it turned out....PERFECT!
It was such a blast.

On our drive back through Pensicola,
We stopped at McGuires Irish Pub.
The next time you drive through Pensicola, type McGuires into your GPS, and GO!!!
It's supper NEAT, and when else will you get that chance to see a man in a kilt playing a bagpipe??
It was FUN!

I'm going to take some family photos
sweetie peaches


P.S. I miss you handsome Mr. SO bad!


Cole said...

sounds like so much fun! great photos. have a great weekend. :)

Kelly's Lucky You said...

ROAD trip ;)

I'm stopping by from Friendly Friday and your newest follower. I hope you'll follow me back -


Helen [In Elegance] said...

Another fun family day, the Irish Pub sounds interesting, although Kilts and bagpipes are traditonally Scotish.