June 17, 2010


Tomorrow is my last day interning
Boo...Me NOT like!

It has been seriously the most amazing and FUN thing I have ever done in my entire life and I would be so beyond blessed if in the future I found myself getting paid to work at place like that. 
check it out HERE

So this week we have been working on a little project and let me just say that It has got me wanting some new things to put in my closet!

so today's 
TGIF goes out to the brand that's been kicking it since 1853

and a few things for the fellows

Don't you just LOVE how LEVI'S is still making some fantastic pieces of clothing 
after soooo many years!

What's been inspiring and lovely to you this week??


P.S. There is a super CUTE giveaway at SWEET NOVEMBER!


make sure you check it out.


Sweet November said...

Oh my gosh!
Thank you so much for doing all that.
I didn't have much luck with people participating the last time.. I'm hoping I can have enough people this time around to actually give it away!
Thanks again!

Angela said...

Love Levis! Especially their men's jeans... I don't think men should ever wear another brand.

Glad to hear your internship went so well!! <3

A Wedding Story said...

Levi's are so classic...and fit great!

LaVonne said...

Levi's does make some cute items. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Stop by again anytime. I love visitors.

Blessings and have a great weekend!