June 19, 2010

It's a SPECIAL day

I plan on spending the entire day with my family
We are going out to dinner tonight with a whole bunch of people to celebrate
I LOVE Birthday's
It's safe to say that, since I'm still young and all....Twenty-Two incase you didn't know!

My Friday was near PERFECT!

It was my last day of my internship
which was SUPER sad for me because I really enjoyed the experience.
I learned SO much!

Robert and Marisa had me a little cake


Sponge cake
with a YUMMY array of Berries
my new favorite!!
It was soooo delicious.

So I spent most of the day working, but FUN work!
Then I drove the usual two hour Friday drive to Birmingham, which is always full of really loud singing and people who Don't know how to drive on the interstate. haha.

Then last night,
I went to listen to a couple of bands.

And I got spend quite a bit of the night with a great GREAT friend
Shelbey Lou!

We planned for a FUN photo adventure one day this coming up week
So those should be some really fun posts to look forward to!

Well I must get dressed for a little Birthday shopping
be back later tonight with a photo post
FUN right!

Later Later



Lanie said...

You are right, 22 is young, You are still a baby. I am 39-1/2 years old (whoa!). I am so glad you followed me so that I found you. I have loved reading your happy posts and you are so darn cute with a great outlook on life. Have a fantastic day and enjoy your family and friends! ~Lanie J.

Melanie's Randomness said...

Happy Birthday girl!! Enjoy the day!!!

Katie said...

Have a fabulous birthday!! {sounds like you already have! :) }

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo that cake looks so delicous.

Sweet November said...

Happy Birthday!