June 5, 2010

New Band Love

So this week, I have been introduced to

Today I was completely caught off guard to such a common question; a question that most people would find very easy to answer, immediately.

To be one-hundred percent completely honest,  I really couldn't answer the question...even for myself.

I was simply asked what kind of music I ENJOY listening to....
yes, really!
I couldn't answer. SAD right??
I DO LOVE MUSIC, or I thought I did
but why one earth didn't I have an answer??

It really made me think about it though. I mean sometimes I think people get so caught up into the "going" thing, that they forget what they like for themselves, as an individual, rather than what they like just because it goes with the flow of what everyone else is into.

So since this really bothered me, I've decided to take the time to figure this out for myself, and not for anything else other than that.
Not being able to answer with confidence made it seem like I lacked appreciation for the art of music, which is far far FAR from the truth.
I have so much respect and appreciation for musicians, current and past.

So, as I sort through all of this and different music genres to figure out what I find enjoyable for MY OWN personal taste, I'll be sure to share with you some discoveries!
and any musicians/bands you think I should listen to, please feel free to share!

tomorrow I have two weddings to attend, so I should have some photos up tomorrow.
I've missed having my own photos to post!


sweetie peaches


Karin Thomas said...

I have a new love for Michael Buble'...Crazy Love and Haven't Met You Yet!!!

Jess said...

My favorites right now or The Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons and Laura Veirs.

Kandi Poirier said...

my favorite bands ever: mayday parade and CCR. the best feel good music in the universe. :) polar opposites, too! oh, and queen. and boys like girls. framing hanley. the eagles. bob marley, julian marley, and bush.

Anonymous said...

I'm more of an 80's and mainstream music listener. My Friday was pretty good. Thanks for asking and happy Saturday!

chickenetti said...

Maybe you'll be like me. I grew up on oldies, got hooked on country, then classical, then folk, then ska, 80's, classic rock (REO Speedwagon!), electronica (from my husband), big band, jazz, medieval madrigals, shape note singing, various ethnic genres, Christian rap... If it's good, I like it.