June 6, 2010


I've mentioned to you before about the month of JUNE.
In my opinion it is the absolute BEST month out of the year.
It's smack dab in the middle of the year, and its MY BIRTHDAY month,
not to mention pretty much everyone elses birthday month in my family.

JUNE is such an exciting month
It's one of the most popular months for a wedding.

[I WANT THIS...its AMAZING to say the least]

I know several ADORABLE couples who became one yesterday
and I am so excited and happy for all of them.

I love that weddings can be planned in an endless number of ways
the possibilities are pretty much endless, which is AWESOME for someone like me.

[This is SO adorable]

I have a pretty interesting take on lots of  things in life.
A lot of people, [friends and family] don't always exactly understand my take on things, but they love me nonetheless.
 I actually think that if I didn't have such a unique twist on things,
it might leave them all feeling really disappointed.
So, I look SO forward to planning every single detail of my wedding day,
and people are going to just be amazed I think!

One last little thing about wedding stuff, I happen to think that ALABAMA CHANIN has a breath taking Bridal collection.

Well, I must run off.

OH and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my very special daddy-o


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Anonymous said...

It's my Birthday month too, tomorrow in fact and I'm a typical Gemini.