June 22, 2010


My Mike Mike left me yesterday
He had to go back to Florence because of work!
BUT he did go with me to get my hair cut and colored before he left
which was really sweet because I know that must be complete torture for a guy to sit through!
We took a few photos on our drive up to the hair Salon

I really think that EVERY single picture I take of mikey when he is driving, he is bitting his nails.
BAD HABIT, but SO hard to break.
I'm speaking from experience!

veryveryvery Much!
[He misses me too]
and I still LOVE LOVE LOVE my Birthday gift from you!

and so does my mommy-o's

No more ugly dark roots
thank goodness
OH They looked soooo bad!

He also cut quite a bit off of it to thin it out.
I have a rediculous amount of hair
and I am NOT complaining about that!

I so badly wanted to get a new brighter color but I just couldn't do it.
I'm a blonde, and there's really no other way around that, especially in the summer time!
Oh well, maybe i'll change it one of these days.

well I'm off for a little girl time with my favorite girls
[my brother's here too...he seems to like girl time too]



Jenna said...

Thanks for your comment!!
I bite my nails too...it's a tough habit to break!

i LOVE your hair cut! So So Cute!!
Have a great week!

Liz said...

Hello beautiful! Your hair looks AMAZING, as always! Girl, do you ever have style! =)

Happy belated Birthday to you!

XO ~Liz

Kandi Poirier said...

oh i love your hair! :) i wish wish wishhhh i could pull off being a blonde. you chopped off quite a bit, didn't you? it looks FABULOUS. i am SO ready for mine to grow out... but i'm trying to enjoy having short hair for the summer. <3

Anonymous said...

Love your new haircut.

Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

argh, you are too cute, and your blog is so fun! awesome new 'do. :)
(i stopped by from... heck, i don't remember where, some DIY link party. had to comment on your adorableness.)