May 6, 2010


Ahh this week I have been so
bogged down from finals.

So this weeks T.G.I.F is definitely going out to
 which has seriously kept me motivated

"A heart at rest is harder now
Don’t let it go away
A hard earned pay, a hard earned pain
Right now they’re just the same
What’s the use, why work so hard
When it’s not what you crave
When what you need is:

Here I am, dear Lord, tasting hints of fame 
And I don’t want it anymore
If it’s not YOU that I gain
Wanna fall at your feet
Don’t wanna fall from your peace
I understand."

See why it's so motivational
So touching.

tootles friends
and please if you have never listened to The Rocket Summer please do. He's life altering.


1 comment:

Angela said...

I'm sad to say I've never listened to The Rocket Summer... I'm bookmarking them right now! Always on the look out for new and inspiring music <3

Hope you're having a fantastic week!!