May 13, 2010


The day I thought I had nothing to do all day, ended up being a fantastic day!

My Friend Jessie and I went and got a Manicure.

I have been taking photos of her daughter Abby since she was Tiny, and after seeing her today, and seeing how She has grown SO SO SOO MUCH 
and is about to turn 3
made me realize we are WAY overdue for a photoshoot!
Not to mention looking at my old photography makes me miss photo adventures!

So after we got our nails done, I then spent the rest of my day with my future Mommy-in-Law
She is such a happy person to be around
I love that we have such a great relationship.
I realize how blessed I am to have such wonderful in-laws to be, because I know SO many people whohave problems with their spouses family!
I'm so SO blessed and thankful.

so we went and bought some hair supplies, and then we stayed in the salon the rest of the night, which is one of my favorite places to be.
I spent my night looking through magazine upon magazine at short hair cuts

UGH my hair seriously is driving me insane with the weight and thickness

SO my 
is going out to 


[ALL images found via here]

They are all gorgeous gorgeous cuts but,
The last two cuts I want.....

I sat and watched her cut all these peoples hair into Gorgeous and FUN cuts, while I sat there feeling more and more BLAH and BORED with my own hair.

Oh well, I knew the growing out stage would be terrible, but I didn't know THIS terrible.
What should I do???



whitney said...

I like your hair short! I say cut it! You would ROCK a cute/fun short cut!

Jessie said...

I would say let it keep growing or if you do cut it do the last not the 2nd to last cuz it looks way to much like an ex boss of ours :X Names shall not be mentioned. But I like your hair long hun.

Much luv
your photo girls mom.

kenseyb said...

I say dont cut it ! just let it grow and if you still want to go short after it reaches the length you want then cut it . You can always go shorter in a matter of no time but you cant go longer without waiting forever !!

Al said...

I'm all up for playing with hair - and if the cut sucks, atleast it grows back! I had long hair my whole life and one day about a year and a half ago (hubby deployed, mid twenties life crisis) and had it all chopped off. LOVED IT short. Give it a whirl, I think you'll look fabulous!

Kandi Poirier said...

i love love LOVE the last hair cut!! do it! :) <3 you're so gorgeous with short spunky hair!!

Overthinking Mama said...

I love the last cut! that is super cute! i might have to steal that! :-) im trying to grow my out too.. but its so thin... its sucks...


Marija said...

These really are all gorgeous cuts. I adore the first and I totally wish I could pull off the last. Adorably hip...

JPO said...

Isn't it funny that we always want what we don't have!!! While you think your thick hair is hot, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have thick hair! :)

Happy Friday!