May 27, 2010

Lamberts & Little Maddie

This beach trip has been so SO fun!
The people I am with really couldn't be any better.
Last night
we went to Lambert's

"Home of the Throwed Rolls"
It was REALLY good.

I got to practice my motherly-ness
which I LOVE doing!

Maddie Loved me being Motherly to her!
AHH I just CAN NOT get over how GORGEOUS that precious child is.

MikeMike Loves her too!
She would just stare at him, but HEY! who can blame her....LOOK AT HIM!
He's REALLY pretty.

After dinner, we headed to the Wharf.
Which honestly, has somewhat gone downhill since last year.
It's sad, but we had fun anyway hanging out with Josh and Krissy!

It was a fun fun night.
Maddie, I MISS YOU!!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY, and we still have some ..days left for BEACH time fun.

later friendies

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Anonymous said...
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Kandi Poirier said...

brianna you're just the cutest ever! & i love your hair. i tell you that all the time though, right?! :) that baby is ADORABLE!!! <3 i can't wait for Sophie to get here! then i'll two precious adorable baby girls. one day when you & your mister have babies... i want to take your picture :) oh and your wedding pictures.. engagement pictures.. baby pictures... all of them. i'll just follow you guys around. haha. :) have a great weekend and a safe trip home!!!

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

Thanks for stopping by Sweet Charli!

Stephanie said...

I love all the pics. Glad you're having a good time!!

That baby is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Aww what cute photos, the first one is so adorable.
I love your maxi dress.

I've nominated you for a "Blog Love" award, check out my latest post for it.

melissa d. said...

hi :) i am your newest follower from follow me friday. super cute blog!

OceanDreams said...

What a fun time and your maxi dress is just beautiful on you! The baby is so adorable and what cute new couple pictures too!

Beth said...

New follower from New Friend Friday- please follow me back at a

Happy Friday!!

Libbie said...

We go to Orange Beach all the time (my parent have a condo there) And it was soooo fun to see your pics! The wharf!!! Love it! And of course we ALWAYS hit Lamberts!

How were the beaches? Any oil? We are suppose to go August 2nd but we are trying to decide whether or not to go because of the oil spill.