May 28, 2010

Fun little photos!

Hey Hey!
I'm here again with some BEACH photos.
So remember the cute and comfy shorts I talked about here.
Well, I wore them
and I LOVE them
so, me and the MR. had a cute photo shoot with me wearing them.

and the sky was GORGEOUS!!!

we have had some REALLY pretty and warm weather
It has been fantastic and honestly couldn't have been any better!

& I love My MikeMike
he's seriously the most amazing person,
and I just can't put it into words
because it will always fall short of how much he really means to me.


OH...we are leaving EARLY in the morning and heading to lake to spend the rest of the long weekend with my family.
It's going to be a old times
& I get to see one of my BEST girlfriends ALYSSA

YAY! can't wait!


Annie said...

okay, you are the cutest ever!!!
your toe polish is fabulous! i want it!!
your hair is AMAZING!! i LOVE it!
great pics of you and your guy! you two make the cutest couple!! looks like you two have a lot of fun together!! :)

Simply Me said...

Thanks for the FF ..i am following you right back ..and these are some fantastic photos wanting to go to the beach just looking at all the fun :)

Kandi Poirier said...

awwwww gorgeous! :) safe travels! :)

Anonymous said...

Super cute photos, you are just gorgeous.
Now stop it with the beach shots, you're making me jealous ha :)[just kidding love em really]

Franchesca said...

Oh wow! Sounds like you had a blast! Hope you have an awesome Memorial Day weekend too :)

Libbie said...

I LOVE them! & you are so cute! Those toe pictures are totally cute too! Love em!

Whitney said...

Oopss..I meant toenail polish.

Whitney said...

Cute pics :)

I love your finger nail polish!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

all adorable but the best one is of you walking away- you look insanely adorable and happy there and even though it's the back of your head, I can see your smile!!

Krissy said...

Where did you get those shorts? They're adorable!! :) And you're gorgeous. I love your hair too. LOL You're just awesome.

Following from Follow Me Friday. :) I hope you can visit and follow me as well!! Have a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

I took about 20 pictures of my feet at the beach. When we were all sitting around going through the pictures everyone was making fun of me. I'm glad someone else does it too ;) Those shorts do look super comfy.

I got beach-sick looking at your pics! I'm glad the weather was good for you guys.

Annabel said...

Love your nail polish! I'm trying to find that exact colour for months now.. It would be great with a white dress or something!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Hey girly! Just found your blog and am loving it! Fabulous pictures! You have a new follower!


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Love your pics!

Sinful Southern Sweets said...

Hi there! Following you back from Friday Follow. You are just too cute! Love the pics. Love that beautiful Gulf Beach behind you!
Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

Aw, it looks like you had the best time!! I want to go to the beach so bad now...

Oh, and you'll prolly get sick of seeing my comments tonight... Because I'm playing catch up :) haha

Glad to see you had such a great trip!! <3 <3