May 22, 2010

Fairhope, Shopping, & Fajitas

well I must start off by telling you that
no no
I am in LOVE with Michael Balentine of course,
but, OH MY! Fairhope is so SO GORGEOUS and I could really see myself living there.
or maybe even here in Daphne, where Jerry & Leah live.

This trip seems a little different this year.
I've only been here two days, and I feel like I have gotten so much closer to them, and they are feeling a little bit more like family.
I mean, they have always felt like family, but more like really close family!
So, I'm thinking me and Mr. Mikey need to make this happen more often.
I'm lucky to have such fantastic future brother & sister-in-laws....EXCITING!
They are an AWESOME little couple and SO much fun to be around!

Earlier today,
Leah, Micaela, & I went to Fairhope, which is a REALLY gorgeous place.
There were so SO many adorable boutiques and everyone of them had Art all in them.
I could really tell that they believe in the support of Local artist, which is AWESOME!

The streets where filled with boutiques and shops that were so cute and inspiring.
There was so much handmade jewelry and they were all so unique.

There were several little Alley-ways that had like these hidden little shops and cafes.
We had lunch at a really cute cafe, with like a little shop in it with different dips, and sauces.

Then on our way back, we stopped at
which was seriously some of the best coffee I have ever had
and believe me I have had my share of coffee.
I was VERY impressed.
Can I go back tomorrow PLEASE???

After our coffee, we dropped off Micaela,
and  then we spent the rest of the day shopping!
which was FANTASTIC
because I got to intorduce Leah to one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE stores
my love for this store, I can't even put into words.
We didn't really want to go out to dinner,
So instead, we decided to cook Fajitas!
Which was a BRILLIANT idea.

It was all SO colorful!

The guys also grilled some Steak and Chicken!
It was so SO fun cooking and I think we all made a pretty awesome little team
and the food sure was very good proof of that.

I could seriously go on and on about all of the fun we had today, and I'm sure there are so many things that I have left out.
But I hope you enjoyed seeing what an amazing time I am having...and it's only the first day here.
Tomorrow, we are getting up and going to the BEACH!

Hope you had an awesome day!


Anonymous said...

I'm from Fairhope and yes it is very beautiful downtown :)

Mayra,mommy to Pooh Bear said...

i LOVE your hair!!

I love places that make you feel like you want to come back often or just stay forever. The food looked yummy!!

Glad you're having fun!!

PS. You guys make such a cute couple!