April 2, 2010

I DO have a limit....

I need to apologize to all of you who come to my blog
because of its Happiness, Color, Cheer, and Positivity.
However, right now I'm feeling like I'm REALLY being shoved to my LIMIT....

I am an OVERLY OVERLY nice person
a push over for the most part
and it really takes AWHOLELOT to push me to this point that I'm just about at.

A few things I just MUST say, like....NOW!

ONE: You're INSECURE about yourself, you
talk about others
put others down
try to make them feel bad about themselves
simply for the fact that you have SO MANY insecurites
so to make yourself feel better, you push others down.

TWO: you try and be discrete with the cutdowns you make,
to be quite honest, you REALLY stink at it!
and its WAAAAYYY obvious.

THREE: I'm at my LIMIT. I've had it.
You've pushed, pushed, and pushed my buttons and I'm TOTALLY sick of it.

I've been SO nice to you.
I've helped you.
I've done everything I can to be a friend to you.
Like I said in a recent blog, I like friends that aren't work
You're too much work and HIGH MAINTENANCE
Friends shouldn't be there to stress you out....that's what school and work is for.
Friends are supposed to be the escape from that.

Your insecurity is Sad, because the way you handle it will push so many great people out of your life.
and in all actuality I really feel sorry for you.
I prayed for you last night.
I prayed that God would give you confidence.
I also prayed that he would give me the patience, as well as a good attitude and to just look over the cutdowns.
This is me having a good attitude
I don't mean this rude, I'm just being honest because I feel like I need to be.

and now I feel so much better:]

again, I sincerely apologize to you LOVELY people who read my blog because of its happiness.
this won't happen again, but it was a HAVE TO situation.



Smerica Anderjones said...

Thats realy nice.. And really true. Usually people in my age put other people down to get cool or popular. It is usually not themselfs.

OceanDreams said...

It's okay love, we are here to listen whether you are having a good or bad day! I hope your friend stops pushing you down because you don't deserve that. You need friends that have confidence and bring you up, as you said. Good for you for realizing this and this has happened to me too, so I completely understand. I hope you have a nice Easter weekend and are feeling better about this situation!

Slumber Designs said...

How how I love honesty! Never hold back and be who you are... that's why we love you dear!

Iva said...

always stay true to yourself!! ;) Happy Easter Weekend!

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i'm like that sometimes..
i'm all tolerant and nice...
but when i am over my limit, i pop!

don't worry, everyone has their 'down' days...the most important thing is picking urself up...if that friend is being too high maintenance and giving u a hard time, then might as well let go. i salute you for being so patient...at least u gave it ur shot..

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Rachael said...

OMG I just found your blog through Undomestic Momma and I love it. This post helped me understand one of my friends so much better. You politely told it like it is and I wish I had the courage to do that too. I have a friend exactly like that, that I've had to distance myself from for my own sanity. You outlined it perfectly and I loved it. Thanks!

whitney said...

SUCH an awesome blog Brianna, I once had this girl that totally read my blog out of context and was so insecure she thought I was talking about her. Sad :[ She's older too, and ran to someone and "told" ..When you're married and grown up, you really see so much more easily how immature people are! Anyways, see you later!