March 7, 2010


Hi Lovely!
I finished another addition to
my "drawing" project.


requested that I draw him a Killer Whale.

He LITERALLY drove me crazy about it
Everyday he would ask
"Where's my whale?, Where's my whale?, Where's my whale?"
and every time I would tell him
"Yeahh, I'm going to get to it!", and I was.

The thing was...that his 21st Birthday was coming up (last night)
and I wanted to give it to him personally as a gift!
HA:) It's actually SO funny. I wasn't at his party but like 2 minutes before he started hounding me about it AGAIN, but the whole time, it was quietly laying on the table with all of his other gifts!
Inside, I was hysterical:)

HERE is the Killer Whale I painted for him!

I hope he liked it
I think he did.:)

But oh my WORD
he had a Whale cake,
and I was SO mad at myself for leaving my camera at home
but the cake was absolutely ADORABLE
and Yummy too!

Well its sunday, Must get ready for church
or Im going to be late!

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