March 14, 2010

Things Remembered

Hi Friends!
My weekend was FANTASTIC
very interesting
full of Really GREAT memory making
Loads of Laughs.
mainly all the laughs were because of my daddy who is a complete goof! haha!

I consider myself VERY blessed
Every single day of my life I am surrounded by SO much love,
More love than some people feel in a lifetime.
and for that I am FOREVER greatful.

I wanted to share something fun
Here are a few things that bring me back to that
cute little girl with white hair, and a mousie-voice!

The Popsicle Man...I would wait wait wait on the Chime of his singing truck

I LOVED the Mickey Mouse Club

Color by Number are SO fun
and even better when you throw in some mathematics


Oh those days when my Tomagotchi was the only responsibility that I had...Those were the days!

probably still would be if they were at the grocery store!

My Parents ALWAYS took me to the circus
and would get me a Giant Snowcone in one of those cute elephant cups

Mickey's Fun Songs
as well as Sing-a-long songs!

I still love play-dough
Who doesn't??

My mom would always take me, Heather, Nicole, and Erin to Baskin Robbins
on our way to nanny and pawpaws to swim
which we did EVERY day!

Keeping my colorful Easter eggs until mom forced me to throw them away because they smelt TERRIBLE.
I couldn't help it though
they were gorgeous masterpieces!

Painting with glitter♥
I still to this day have a bird I painted when I was about 4 years old
It is hanging from the ceiling in my bedroom
I LOVE him
he's SO cute and sparkly!
ALL THAT was the best too!

There are only a FEW of the things that I miss from being a little bitty girl!

Well I have a VERY busy week ahead of me.
Wish me luck, strength, endurance, and patience


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