March 15, 2010

A Shade of Blue

Everday it seems as though
there is a certain color that catches my eye
and Everyday it's a different color.

Colors can be associated with SO many different things
If I say,
"Golly, I've had such a blue day."
Most people immediately know exactly what I'm talking about,
and have most likely experienced a "blue" day at some point in their life.

I think I may have gotten off track a little
Back to where I was going...

has been cathing my eye all day.
"A shade of blue with a tinge of green"

Ironically, another thing that has been on my mind today

TURQUOISE is associated with WATER
What do I get from this equation

The beach has been on my mind ALL ALL ALLLLL day
I couldn't even focus, and it was literal driving me crazy.

I am so excited to be going to the beach
with a new little addition this year

There's Momma Krissy Laying out with Baby Madison in her tummy!

And here is Miss Madison Layne!
So, this year she is the brand new addition to the vacation and she is going to be such a blast!

Me and Michael absolutely LOVE when we get to spend time with Josh and Krissy
They are so much fun to be around.


(all photos in "turquoise pretties" except for 1st, found here, all other photos in this blog are my personal photos.)

It's such a GORGEOUS GORGEOUS color!
Well lovelies it's been fun!
I'm going to work on my Friend Will's drawing
so be looking for that post soon.

hopefully I'll have
Sweet beachy dreams.
NIghty Nite!

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