March 25, 2010

Mural ideas & Drawings

Hi There!
Yesterday I stopped by Church 29:11 to check out some walls I have been asked to paint for their Children's ministry! 
They have such an adorable Crime Scene Investigation and Chemistry lab theme going on.
It's going to be SO fun when everything comes together!

That church amazes me.
It has a great vision and seems to be growing EXTREMELY fast!
When I move back home, I'm almost 100% positive it is where I am going to start attending:)

anyway so they told me what they were wanting and told me about the themes.
I have done some simple drawings of ideas and I wanted to share them to get some feedback!

This is taken from the idea of a crime scene
where they paint the outline of a body....

What I was going for with this was to remind the kids of when they gave their life over to God,
that time that they gave up everything, ran far far away from it, and gave it all to God
 ultimately, when they accepted Jesus into their heart...

This one is for the Chemistry lab theme

there are several things I want to add to this one.
I want to add some cabinets or drawers on the table.
I also want to add more bubbles and chemistry related items throughout the mural.
Also, this will extend to either the left or the right side wall....haven't decided yet.
but the table will either extend or there will be another table added with more bottles and experiments!

I don't want to overwhelm the room with too much stuff going on so I want to keep it simple yet interactive, also BRIGHT color!
I was also trying to figure out how to include a periodical table, but instead of the normal elements of the table have elements that relate to the Bible!

Please PLEASE tell me what you think...I'm in desperate need of some feedback

bye for now


jamie.sue said...

I LOVE the drawings! I am so excited that you will be painting some murals for the kids. I know Kristen is SO thankful! I envy your talent, ma'am. :) I am also VERY excited that you plan on coming to our church when you move home :)

Love you!

Brianna! said...

ME too!!! I cant wait:) I just love all of you guys so much...and I miss yall SO bad when I'm gone:(

grrfeisty said...

i really like the crime scene drawing! what a good idea :D

Brianna! said...

WEll thank you SO so much:)