August 17, 2009

Absorbing ever last second of this week

This is the last week of the summer that I get to spend at home with my family.
It has been such a great summer, and I honestly couldn't have asked for anything better. I am such a blessed person, and I am so ashamed of myself for all of the times that I have taken that for granted.
This summer has been packed full of Learning, Loving, Smiling, Laughing, and making many memories with the people I Love most.
and I added some pretty great ones today!
I baked some Oh-So-Yummy Praline Apple Bread

Doesn't it look Delicious!
I didn't have the chance to eat any of it yet, because we had to leave before it was finished cooling. But, I will definitely be getting some tomorrow morning.
Oh yeah, TOMORROW!!
That reminds me...Tomorrow it shopping day with my nanny.
Im in desperate need of some new jeans, shoes,.....Just RETAIL THERAPY in general!
and what better person could I do that with besides my LOVELY nanny!!??
Shes the BEST!!!

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