July 7, 2009

Trying to brighten A NOT so lovely day

::Yes, I am Completely frowning right now::

Couldn't we have at least a teeny tiny peep of the sun...Please??!!??

Here are a few things that brighten my day a tid bit.

this Necklace

these Prints.

I have a vastly growing obsession with home interiors.

The paintings that I have been working on are all centered around imagery that deals with home interior. I just think that someones home really sayd alot about who they are.

this REALLY adorable Change Purse.

this Soap by Daisy Cakes Soap Shop.

this artist, and her lovely tumblers and mugs

Its one of those OH, SO LOVELY kind of things!

I ran across these cute little

Bead dolls

They are full of their own personality!!

These Plush Owls are Precious!

okay okay, I could go on for days with these Lovely creations.

but here are some people that are sure to brighten today.

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