July 6, 2009

Beachie Beachie

So I'm waking up in Panama City Florida this morning.

Im VERY excited about that. Like SERIOUSLY!
Here is the view I have from where I am blogging.

Looks somewhat drab, but it is only 6:30 am...with a 60% chance of rain...Im trying to stay positive.

We are staying in my Meme's Condo, which is decorated so Beachie & adorable.
There are palm trees painted on the walls & decorative tid bits here and there (such as Flip FLOPS)

Like this:

Every room has its own theme.

Later, I will update this post with photos of each room.

I can't now because everyone is sleeping So Im trying to be shussshhhy shuussshhhhy:)

So until then, I'm going to Enjoy this

and I will update this post later!

p.s. Im So excited about all the blogging that I will be doing over these next two weeks.

Hope you enjoy!

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Kandi Queen said...

have a wonderful time on your vacation!