October 19, 2015

New ibB on its way!!!

Hi Friends!!!

Did anyone else's weekend go by way too fast?? Mine did. I always feel like it does, but it does make you feel better to know you aren't alone. 

Here's a little run down of my weekend...Friday night was spent at the gym with my handsome guy :) Saturday I got to see my best friend!!!! Aaron and I went to Huntsville super early on Saturday to hangout with Brent & Frances to celebrate Brent's big turn to 3-0! Wooo THIRTY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENT. Today, Sunday, my favorite day of the week was perfect. Aaron and I went to church, had lunch with the family to celebrate my granddad's birthday. Then we went to the gym, took a trip to whole foods (Sunday Ritual) had dinner sitting in the floor and watched the Walking Dead!! Honestly, can't beat this kind of Sunday with the most handsome guy.

Tonight, I've been working on my little space here. I'm sure you all have noticed, my blog posts have been few and far between for a while now. When I first started ibB, I was blogging every single day. Now, its so hard to find the time. Back then, I was a college student, so I had plenty of time to blog between classes. If you know me, you know I'm super tough on myself and I have been really beating myself up over my lack of inspiration and consistency. I miss my blog. I miss enjoying the process. I miss having the time to enjoy the process. So, tonight I've been working on a new blog schedule. One that will be consistent and planned out. I've realized that Hawaii spoiled me and that's where the lack of inspiration started. Since Hawaii was so easy to blog about it has made it hard to blog now that I'm back to Birmingham. It isn't that birmingham is boring, it's simply that Hawaii is just that incredible. Anyway, enough about that....I just wanted you all to know that ibB is about to start fresh and be back to its consistent fun posts.

I've really been down about how I've been half-hearted here on ibB. This place has been like my little journal for the past seven or eight years, and this past year, I completely abandoned it. So, I want to fix it! ASAP!!!

So here's to a new kindled fire in my life of blogging. I hope you all can forgive me and thanks to all of you have continued to read my little space here, even when I wasn't giving it my all. You guys are awesome!!!

I hope your week starts out amazing. Bye for now

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