August 16, 2015

I Love List #3

Hi There!! I have loved this fresh series of posts I've started here on ibB! 
I hope you're enjoying them as much as I am!
If this is your first "I Love List" post...It's basically a compilation of things, articles, photos, clothing, ideas, etc. that I have come across during the weekend and think are worth passing along! So here is this weeks...Enjoy!

1. Mail a l w a y s makes me SO happy
2. Learning how to travel for free is always perfect knowledge in my book
3. Pick a Niche? No thanks!
4. Having a Healthy Mindset
5. Hungry Girls, can be healthy girls & eat Pizza! Hold the Dairy ;)
6. Beginning Boutique Girlboss, Sarah
7. "To me, the word itself feels optimistic and full of promise..." Mood Rings, OK
9. Tree house hotels sound awesome!

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