June 26, 2015


Good morning friend!!
The first part of the week has been fantastic. Now if only the rest of the trip could slow down a little that would be wonderful.
Here are a few photos of our trip so far!

 So basically I've spent every day at the beach. You all know I'm a totally beach bum. Except Florida beach is way hotter than Hawaii Beach days obviously. It just makes me miss Hawaii even more.

We celebrated my brothers 17th birthday. That was fun. Mom gave him the gift of washing his cell phone. He left his phone in the pocket of his shorts. Never a good idea bubs. 

We went to see J&J play. That was a blast as always. Those guys are the best entertainment. Swear by it. So, the random photo of me & Alyssa with the random guy,....I have to explain. This guy was hilarious. No one was dancing at the show. And finally due to a bet lost with his friend, Colton busted a move right in front of the stage and it totally got every one up and on their feet. Everyone danced the rest of the night away! Alyssa was laughing so SO hard. So after the show we had to get a picture with him just because he made us laugh so hard.

Anyway, unfortunately we only have two more days here. Todays weather is looking
 T E R R I B L E.
and I'm hoping tomorrow I get to see my sweet friends Whitney, Michael and their cutie pie daughter Charlee Bea. 
I absolutely love summer time. The memories made during the summer are always the ones I seem to hold onto so much. I have so many MANY memories here on this exact beach and I'm so thankful for all of the years that I have been able to make these great memories here. 
So here's to many many more years of memory making right here <3

Bye now. Hope you enjoyed my photos. 

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