January 16, 2015


Hi There!!!

Tonight kicks off SYNC 2015
I am pumped.
Today Faithy is out at a kick starters class, so I have free time to do whatever I want really. So naturally I start by blogging. What do you expect right?!?
Sometime today, I am going to meet up with my friend Whitney! YAY
She and her family just moved a few months back. Im super excited about seeing her and her daughter sweet Charlee Bea. CB is the cutest thing. Swear by it. 

So from what Faith tells me, I should probably really enjoy today while I can because things get crazy from the moment the conference actually starts. 
I love new things. I'm so excited to honestly just be in the same breathing space as other creatives. Sometimes working for yourself...from home can be lonely, especially as artists. All of our creativity feeds off of each other and its something I miss terribly about working in the same room as Faith, as well as Frannie, Chris, Melissa, Donnie, Etc. Sometimes its trouble too haha :) But I have really realized how much it does make a difference creatively to surround yourself with creative people. Otherwise, it can make it easier to become the norm. And dear God, I don't want that....at all!!!

So yeah! Its going to be a fun filled next few days.

bye now

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